Yes, my chains are handmade too!

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I have been asked if I make chain by hand too or do I purchase it. That is a reasonable question. I have purchased small gauge chain in the past per a client’s request but I do make chain by hand. My chains, whether used as necklaces or bracelets, can usually be found here.

My chains are usually made from round, half round or square wire that I draw though drawplates in my studio. That way I am in control of the gauge, design and finishing of the chain. I also make my own findings as I find commercial findings to be lacking and usually incompatible with my designs.

Below is an excerpt of me forming soldered links on a chain in progress and under that is a photo of the completed chain. Usually I make the chain links and the findings out of the same gauge of metal. If you wear a properly designed and handmade chain, you won’t go back to the mass produced ones – okay, well maybe to a Hermes chain. Honestly, I can’t think of a mass marketer, luxury or otherwise, that makes handmade chain to measure!


Sterling Silver Argentium Chain
Sterling Silver Argentium Chain handmade by Dan Taylor
Sterling Silver Chain
Sterling Silver Argentium Chain handmade by Dan Taylor
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