Where to see and purchase Dan Taylor’s Handmade Jewellery

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Hello all.

I have been asked recently by several people “where can I see your jewellery?”. At this point in time, my jewellery is available at 3 places:

1 – online here at DanTaylor.com

2 – at The Guild Shop in Toronto – 118 Cumberland St. (Yorkville), Toronto, Ontario – here is a map

Your best bet is online at DanTaylor.com as you will be able to discuss your needs directly with me or ask me questions.  I anticipate that my jewellery will soon be available at select galleries in Ottawa, Montreal, Buffalo and New York City.

As my jewellery is entirely hand made, it is difficult to supply  more than a handful of galleries with items and then I only have a limited number of items available in each gallery. So if you really want something that you see online, just drop me a note at DanTaylorJewellery@gmail.com or telephone me at 289-723-0668.

Thanks for visiting.

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