Wax Casting is not Handmade!

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Here is a photo that shows a batch of diamond rings being cast from a “wax tree”. The blue material is the wax. Do you see how  the stones are set in the wax? How special is one of these rings going to be? I am sure that she will love it forever – NOT.

These are not Handmade Rings.
These are not Handmade Rings.

Does his look handmade to you? This is what the average consumer is being sold as handmade.

The simple truth is, handmade requires an actual jeweller, their tools and their skill. There are very few of us about these days. Wax moulded rings and other jewels are easily made by the gross and their quality and longevity are what you might expect of modern mass-produced kitsch.

If you want a quality handmade piece of jewellery, meet your jeweller and shake the hands that will make the jewel for you. Remember what you have always known to be true: quality endures and is never cheap.

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