Mobius Bracelet in sterling silver handmade by Dan Taylor
Mobius Bracelet

Mobius bracelet made in solid Argentium sterling silver.

Size medium, 8 1/4″ diameter (21cm).



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Planished Sterling Silver Bracelet

Solid Argentium sterling silver bracelet. Handmade without casting.

Size medium:  8 1/4″ (21cm) circumference.

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Lydein Earrings
Lydian Earrings with Hammered Finish

Handmade earrings in argentium sterling silver. Based on an ancient lydian design with a hand-hammered finish.

Distinctive and contemporary,  it is in keeping with modern design but in fact, it harkens back to the 14th Century B.C. people of Lydia and a beautiful 8th Century B.C. example was found in Etruria.

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Scarf Slide

Sterling argentium silver scarf slide.

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Baby Spoon

Sterling argentium silver baby spoon.

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Hammered Bar Earrings

Sterling agentium earrings. Contemporary, modern design with a hand-hammered finish.

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Cuff Bracelet with Wire Detail

Cuff Bracelet with Wire Detail. Solid sterling argentium silver made from handmade round bar and wire detailing.

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Sterling Silver Equestrian Bracelet by Dan Taylor
The Equestrian Bracelet

Solid Argentium sterling silver bracelet. Three hand-forged bars with handmade rings.

Made to order with solid bars, not hollow or cast.

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Argentium sterling silver hammered cuff bracelet by Dan Taylor
Hammered Cuff Bracelet

Hammered Cuff Bracelet. Hand made from Argentium sterling silver with a bright, hammered finish.

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