Autumn’s arrival means that my work for Christmas begins.

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Autumn is arriving in a few days and to me, living in the deciduous area of North America, that means several things.

– the trees are starting to show off their leaves

– the produce is bountiful in the farmer’s markets

– the day time temperatures are perfect

– my duplicate bridge activities ramp up

– and last but not least I must ready myself and my studio for the “Christmas Client”.

I still have several back orders to fill, mostly in 18K and higher gold. Those clients will have their pieces delivered in the coming month.

But now, I have to do shop maintenance. I have to strip and rebuild my 2 rolling mills, one for wire and the other, my trusty 30 old 100 pound Cavallin, for plate. I have to clean and maintain my 3 bench vises, 2 of which are massive brutes. I have to polish my 60+ hammer faces. I will maintain the Foredom flex shafts and their hand pieces. Then, as I will be making several necklaces and bracelets, I need to draw a lot of fine silver wire, which I make from ingots in my forge.

Yes, it is going to be a busy time just getting ready to ensure that all of equipment will stand up to the work that is to be completed by Christmas.

I will be making several necklaces and bracelets in several designs and in both gold and silver – always a popular gift.

If you need a that special necklace or bracelet in a custom length or material, I would suggest that you contact me as soon as possible. As my readers know, the pieces are all handmade and they take time to make. I don’t like telling someone that the gift they want to give their client will not happen – so please, don’t procrastinate!

Now, that I have tired myself out by thinking of what I have to do, I think that I will sit outside in the Sun and have a cup of coffee and relax. The rolling mills canwait until after lunch.

Rolling silver through a mill
Rolling silver through a mill to flatted it to the precise thickness.


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