Dan TaylorI am a goldsmith and professional Industrial designer with a science and engineering background who appreciates good design. To me beautiful design is a combination of functional design married with a clear artistic aesthetic. I learned much of the hands on technical aspects of the craft from a European trained jeweller, who has taught jewellery making for many years in Canada.


Over several decades working as an Industrial Designer I have read much of what was written on design. Like many creative people I am an autodidact by nature, preferring to learn through experience and reading. However in jewellery making and metalsmithing there are many skills that require hands-on learning and the tutelage of an experienced expert, so I decided to take classes and there was no looking back. I learned to love working with precious metals and found that I had a natural talent for it. What began 20 years ago, as an avocation has inadvertently become my profession.


I am one of the very few North American craftsman who prefer to form and shape silver and gold by hand using hammers, saws, files, and fire. I aspire to place myself among some of the great modern jewellers that I admire including: Georg Jensen, Torun Bulow-Hube, Nanna Ditzel, Hans Hansen, Bjorn Weckstrom and Henning Koppel.


I work primarily in Argentium sterling silver because it is harder and brighter than regular sterling silver. Bracelets and necklaces will not scratch or bend as easily as would be the case if made with regular sterling or “higher” silver.  I find that Argentium, which is 92.5+%  silver stays bright and is tarnish-resistant. Argentium doesn’t blacken the same way as regular sterling sterling silver. Argentium has the benefits of pure silver (non-tarnishing) without the downside of being too soft. I do work in regular sterling as well when the material is best suited to the object.


I also work in 18k, 22k and 24k gold. 18k (and occasionally 14k) gold is used when a piece requires more strength and a harder metal. 22k or 24k gold is preferred for richer colour and to achieve a certain aesthetic.


My designs are always comfortable to wear and fabricated to last a lifetime. Nothing leaves my studio that isn’t a pleasure to wear, smooth against your skin and formed to move freely with the wearer. I strive to create pieces that are modern, elegant and luxurious.


My work is identified by the “Dan Taylor” maker’s mark and occasionally on small pieces by  D T.