My maker’s mark and word mark

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Statement of my Maker’s Mark, Word Mark and Trade Name use according to Canadian Common Law as well as requirements for other jurisdictions.

Let it be known, that I, Dan Taylor, have been continuously operating and representing myself since 1974 under the Trade Name and Trade-Mark of “DAN TAYLOR”.

I have continued to claim ownership of all trade-mark rights to the “Dan Taylor” mark since 1974.

Below are word marks that have been in use since 1974:

Trademarks and Tradenames used by Dan Taylor
Trademarks and Tradenames used by Dan Taylor


On some custom made items where my maker’s stamp doesn’t fit, I often use a capital “I” mark. The “I” stands for “I made this”.

I have been contemplating moving over to my “Hive” logo that I designed in the 1990’s but I haven’t had the stamps commissioned yet.

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