The “Little Black Dress” Of Fine Jewellery.

Glamorous, yet wearable around the clock, Dan Taylor signature gold and silver necklaces and bracelets exude understated luxury.

Women from around the world, who bring the family jewels out of the vault twice a year will appreciate the subtle elegance of wearing Dan Taylor jewellery every day of their lives.

Unlike traditional fine jewellery, which is strictly defined by rigidly placed fine gems, the flowing, casual, refinement of Dan Taylor necklaces and bracelets complement modern fashion and modern lifestyles; jewellery that is in-step with the relaxed style brought to us by ready-to-wear masters like Armani.

Even though they are solid, heavy pieces, the genius of the design is that while they look heavy, they feel very soft and smooth against your skin. They are a delight to wear and just heavy enough to let you know that you’re wearing something “real”.

Most women don’t need more jewellery for a gala event – they want gorgeous jewellery they can wear to their daughter’s graduation or when they’re travelling.

The rare combination of quality and ease in Dan Taylor jewellery appeals to the sophisticated woman, who will amass a collection of pieces that work together as well as integrating into their existing jewellery wardrobe.

The quintessential “little black dress” of jewellery.